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(( Hey you guys! mun here, so uh here’s the thing, so i’ve been kind of tight on money but its not like drastically but if you guys want to ever help a mun out, I would greatly appreciate it if you would use my referral code in featurepoints! 

Featurepoints is baisically an app that lets you down load free apps and earn points. If you get lets say 3,000 you can get $5 in paypal! or you can use it to buy apps from the apple store!. And for each time you use my code i earn about 60 points?? also for each app you download i get a certain fraction of your points.You go to the website on your mobile

http://featurepoints.com/web/ and download the app through the type of device you have and from there it should download/

I didn’t want any type of donation or anything from you guys because i would feel bad and it wouldn’t be fair to those who need it and thats how featurepoints come in. Its 100% free and they have cool apps and prizes to earn! Even if you just download and use my code once that would be wonderful. I’m only going to post this once or twice because i don’t want to bother you guys any more then i have. If you can use my code or even just share this it would seriously mean alot to me. Thank you guys and i love you all , i really do.  If anything just send me an ask if you have any questions about this! ))

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((well thats it for today you guys!, the mun is going out with the guys tomorrow so means its bed time for me now!, plus my art is getting sloppier as the time passes , feel free to drop in more asks! that would make me and vriska happy, until then see y’all later!))

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So what is under that skirt of yours ms serkert

((mun: damn vriska they get it that you wear shorts no need to flash them off ))

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so with that fine booty you have in your hands. would you mind if I use yours as a pillow?

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So, Vriska, if some form of energy transformed you into a human being, what would your reaction be to that turn of events?

… don’t remind me of this ever again

((if you guys want to see my oc here she is))

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Vriska: why seems like this little pup landed at my doorstep 8ut i do have to say she’s very cute hehe

((HEY you guys if you ever want to talk to the mun or to rp on Skype just add me , it’s immi-lilys ))